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Lemmasoft thread // A work in progress visual novel originally made for Yaoi Jam 2016!

Vit Oreo is an average college-attending nonbinary guy. He has a crush, and he meets the requirements to pass his classes, barely. In high school he was a bit of a "bad boy," if you will, but now that he's in college he welcomes peace and quiet like an old friend. Everything is going pretty darn well for him. Until his best friend, Eric, goes missing completely out of the blue after a party. Police investigation yields nothing-- it's as if Eric simply disappeared into thin air. Vit, of course, is devastated at the loss of his favorite person. What's a guy to do?

Fall into a lake and end up in another world, obviously.
But what if that world doesn't have the Eric you want either?
You jump in the lake again and look for a world where he doesn't go missing, because goddammit you two will get a happy ending no matter what it takes.


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What a good storyplot!

Please, I beg you, you MUST finish this!