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Lemmasoft Forums thread // Originally made for NaNoRenO 2016, rebooted for Nano17 // Currently in development

You're an anxious, nonbinary junior high school student, and you've transferred to a new school at a really weird time. The school year's only got one week left! (There's a reason, but it's complicated.) To make things even weirder, you'll be transferring AGAIN to your mom's home country after school ends. (Again, complicated.) You settle into a group of friends, but realize too late that there is a SHIT ton of baggage among them. All you wanted was some shallow acquaintances, but they just can't keep themselves from leaking all their feelings to you because you're the uninvolved outsider. Everyone's got issues. Depending on how you handle this, you could tie up all their feelings with a neat lit bow or burn every bridge they've built between them for the last three years.


  • Do the batshit wild shit you always wanted to do in high school!
  • Punch a douche in the face!
  • An undetermined length and word count!
  • It's really gay!



  • has social anxiety (#relatable)
  • no goals or passions in life
  • just moved here for the last week of school


  • presents herself as the "girl-next-door" type
  • doesn't like speaking because she has a recurrent stutter
  • half white, half taiwanese

Tsui Li

  • the douchey popular guy
  • likes tv shows and comic books
  • deeply closeted bisexual


  • student council president
  • naive and optimistic and dense and str8
  • "If I don't get accepted into every Ivy League I'm a failure"
  • the Mom Friend (TM)


  • openly gay & known 'round the school as The Gay Guy
  • his passion is fashion
  • likes wearing femme clothing
  • friends with Tsui Li somehow